Welcome to the Page lab!

Research in the Page laboratory is focused on developing novel, sustainable synthetic routes to solid-state materials that have relevance to developing technologies.

An integral component of our work is the emphasis that we place on using a broad array of characterization techniques to evaluate the structure and properties of the materials we make in order to derive correlations between the synthetic route, structure and composition, and physical properties, and using these correlations to optimize synthetic parameters and resulting properties.

Current research focuses on aqueous routes to metal oxide thin films with a range of properties and potential applications, from ionic conductivity to ferromagnetism. Of particular recent interest, the group has been working on developing low-temperature aqueous routes to high quality amorphous dielectric insulators for the next generation of electronic devices.

As a member of the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC), the Page group works with over twenty research groups across the country to expand the application of green routes to technologically relevant materials.